Not getting installed for all users of a desktop?

My desktop has several user accounts.
I installed the free version ( Comodo anti virus and firewall) after logging in as administrator - set up file was saved in my documents.
It seems to be working fine when one logs in as administrator.
Whenever another user logs in they are not able to see the the necessary icons in the system tray and I am not sure if the anti virus/ firewall is operating and protecting when they are surfing.
I’d be grateful if someone can advise

Best regards

can you please provide us with more information about the machine and the operating system that you running on , because it works for me here and i’m running vista sp2 with latest updates … ???

The OS is windows XP ( home edition).version 5.1.2600 , SP 3.
System model is HP Compaq dc5100 MT(PW099ET).
If any additional infoirmation will help do let me know

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Is it only if you switch users, or also if you boot up to a non-admin account? I remember XP having this issue if you just switched. Actually, the firewall was active, but no tray icon for the GUI. Unfortunately, that was a while ago for me, so I’m not even positive if it was Comodo or a different firewall…oh well, something to consider, anyways.