Not enough space to continue! Select an alternative path.

I dl’d CB v 2.1.117500.10 and tried to do a back up of files and folders.
Step 1
I clicked files and dir.
I then selected the files and dir I wanted to backup, and clicked next.

Step 2
I did not check any exclusion or inclusions.
Backup format was CBU file.
I set a password, with AES algorithm.
I did not split the backup, and clicked next.

Step 3
I selected my computer.
I then clicked on Drive I, which is a passport external usb hard drive with 232GB free space.
I entered the file name in the save as field and clicked next.

Step 4
I did not set any email notification.
Processor and disk usage was set to normal.
I did not enable any macros.
I did not check to run any task before or after backup.
I did not check shutdown after backup is complete.
I then clicked next.

Step 5
I checked scheduled backup and set it to run weekly.
If it is missed I set it to run at first chance.
Run mode was set to autoclick finish.
I then clicked back up now.
It started the backup process and then I got this error.
“Not enough space to continue! Select an alternative path.”
Now, I am backing up 4 folders. The first folder has 3.12GB.
The second has 50.2GB. The third has 292MB. The fourth, 635MB.
Now if I add them all up it does not come close to the 232GB free space on my ext hard drive.
I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.
I do not understand why it says I do not have enough space to continue.
Can anyone help with this problem?

Thank you in advance,



What file system does the external hard drive have?
If it is FAT/FAT32 this might be the cause.


It is formatted with the NTFS file system.

Hi, I am having a similar problem.
I have a 500 GB Western Digital external USB HD.
After attempting to back up my C drive in its entirety (150 GB capacity, approx 50 GB used), it stops after about 5 mins, stating “not enough space to continue! Select an alternate path”

I am unsure if this HDD has NTFS or FAT formatting.
How can I tell this, and what might be causing this problem?

ANy advice gratefully received…



To avoid the problem you must set split in Backup Step 2 to less than 4GB (4096MB).
This is because FAT-formatted partitions do not support files bigger than 4GB.