Not enough logging in 3.0


I have two computers at home, one is connected wirelessly to a router the other is connected to the router with a wire. I have version Comodo Firewall 3.0 on one computer and version 2.4 on another. I was having problems troubleshooting problems getting the two computers to talk to one another. The problem, it turned out, was the firewall was blocking them. I set up a firewall rule on both machines and that fixed it.

I only was able to figure this out by looking at the logs on the 2.4 machine. There was nothing in the logs on the machine running 3.0. Does 3.0 only logs stuff if I define a rule to specifically block certain activity? At any rate, it was blocking me and I wasn’t seeing anything. How can I get Comodo 3.0 to log more stuff? For now, I don’t think I want to install 3.0 on the machine that’s currently running 2.4 until I can get more logging.


If you edit a rule, there is a checkbox on the upper right for enabling logging.

I totally agree with you that the logging in CFP 3.0 doesn’t satisfy the needs of experienced users!
In case a programm is blocked, it would be very helpful if there is a “catch all” function for logging.

I would think it would be in the community’s best interest to have full logging possibilities. This function has been previously requested and is buried somewhere in Comodo’s endless wishlist.


Try going into the firewall behavior settings and then in alert settings, switch the thing to very high.

I was talking about the option of logging everything - independent of the type of alert settings one prefers.


I may be wrong but it looks like CFP3 doesn’t describe packets blocked by miscellaneous attack detection settings (eg invalid flags).

Normal traffic blocked logging is done by means of block and log rules.

CFP add them by default but the user can remove them or add block rules without logging.

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Yes, I agree, it would be nice to see in logs ALL blocked attempts, which were not specified in the rules. For example - if I left CPF popup open for X time - it will block the connection, but no log will be saved for that :frowning: It’s very sad. :frowning:

I would like to see some logging options somewhere in settings… But still I love Comodo very-very-very much. The best Firewall I ever used!