Not enough disk space?

So, I took a snapshot after I installed Windows 7 Ultimate :-TU

Now, 2 months later, I want to go back to when I installed Windows 7. Ok, so I clicked on my snapshot called “After windows 7 install”. It reboots and when it comes to the loading screen it says “Error: blabla NOT ENOUGH DISK SPACE. PLEASE DELETE NEEDLESS FILES/SNAPSHOTS BLABLABLABL”

Waaaaait whaaaat?? I have more than 100 GB of free space! How it is this possible?


I checked the disk space Comodo time machine can work with and it has 0 MB free.

But I have a question.

Can I restore even though there aren’t any space left? I not going to take more snapshots or anything.

PS: I have only 1 snapshot

hi thomasfk92,

This error may occur when CTM take a snapshot. CTM would take a snapshot when you restore to a snapshot. This is a default setting. You can close this by uncheck “Always take a snapshot of the currect system before restoring system”(Settings => Program Settings).

You restore a snapshot which is taken two monthes ago. In these two monthes. There are many changes in your disk. Maybe it larger than 100G. and at this time. take a snapshot will need more space disk.

Thanks for your support and we will look into this.