Not Creating main directories in multiple directory backup

I have been running a multiple directory back up for a couple of months with no troubles, but recently when the task runs it is backing the files and subdirectories in the root directory, and not in their main directory. For example:

\Sever\Directory A
\Sever\Directory B

When these are backed up all their files and subdirectories are mixed in the main backup directory.

It used to backup to:
\Backup Drive\Directory A\ Files and subdirectories from A
\Backup Drive\Directory B\ Files and subdirectories from B

But now it is backing up like this:
\Backup Drive\All files and subdirectories From A & B

I’ve looked too no avail for some setting that may have been inadvertently changed to cause this. Any ideas?

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I just checked my backups after reading your post to see if they were doing the same thing. All ok here. The only thing that I can think of is to make sure under destination that you have “create destination folder” checked. Other than that let me know how it goes for you, and if you find out anything else. Maybe Panic can come up with something that I missed as well.


Unselecting “create destination directory” will produce the fault described here.

Good pick up John.

Ewen :slight_smile:

“Create Destination Folder” was checked when it first changed, so i unchecked it, producing the same results. I rechecked it, and continue to get the same results.

Any other Ideas?

What version of Backup do you have? The latest version is If you do not have that you should download the latest. If you do have that one then you may have a corrupted install somehow. I would save my registry entries that have my backup configs and reinstall the program. Unfortunately you have to save the registry settings in order to keep your configurations. If that doesn’t work then I’m out of ideas at the moment. Maybe something else will show up later.


That’s what I figured I’d have to do, but wanted to check first before going that far. I thought maybe I was missing something. Anyway, I have reinstalled and copied over the registry entries. The test runs without a hitch, but when I run the backup I get the same results as before, mixing all files and Subdirectories in the main destination folder.