Not Connected Error

I installed BOClean yesterday and all went well. I think it updated itself during the process. Not sure though. Today I get a not connected message and to check my firewall. McAfee is clearly configured to allow BOClean. Is this a know issue? How can I fix it?

Edit… Well that figures. I went back to reproduce the error and see if there was any more information such as a number and it connected and got the updates.

Sorry. Mods—delete if you want this post.

Hi Rick24,

Glad it is working.

Just noticed that you are a Nascar fan from your avatar. I take it that the 24 means Jeff Gordon(correct me if I am wrong). I am also a big fan of Nascar and Jeff Gordon. the 2408 in my name is the Gordon-Earnhart Jr numbers. Life ain’t all firewalls and PC’s.

Have a good one. :■■■■


Yes Jasper2408 you are right. I am a Nascar fan and a big Dupont Chevy fan. Them boys are on fire this year. Not only Gordon but the entire Hendrick team.

Yep, they are pretty awesome this year. Been a Gordon guy for a long time. Like to watch Kyle Busch race, too. If he isn’t wrecking someone then he is wrecking himself. He seems to be more on his roof than the tires lately. ;D

Yep, all things stop when there is a Nascar race on TV.

It’s nice to meet you and if you have anymore problems just post it in the forums here and someone will be glad to try and help you.

Have a good one and welcome to the forum