Not Connectable in Utorrent 1.6.1 with Comodo 2.4

Can anyone help?

Utorrent for me yesterday was working fine nothing was changed at all, when I switched my PC on this morning I discovered the port in my client had been changed. I reset back to default settings in utorrent entered the new port it gave me and for some reason I’m not connectible (:SAD)

Any Ideas around this please?


Have you take a look into the logfile. Is there a mark over a blocking from utorrent ?

Where do I locate that??

At side 64 you will find the apllication monitor for “Add / Edit” an application control rule.
In utorrent under “preference” and “general” take a look for the needing outgoing port of utorrent and adding this port in your rule in comodo

You will find help for utorrent also in the FAQ under
utorrent help