not connect to internet

how to say to the firewall that he mustnt block the application, but NOT connect to internet

f.e an application ABC must be executed, but this application may NOT connect to internet. how to do this?

When you get an alert from Defense+ that explorer.exe wants to execute abc.exe, allow it. If it tries to connect to the Internet, you’ll receive an alert from the firewall. When this occurs, block it. The application will be able to execute, but not connect to the Internet. Remember to tick the box for remembering the answer.

Accept all alerts from Defense+, and block all from the firewall. Note that you might not receive this alerts, depending on your Security Level set for the firewall and Defense+.
If you don’t get any alerts, you don’t need to do anything to allow the application to execute. But for the firewall part, go to FirewallCommon TasksDefine a New Blocked Application and browse to the location of the file you want to deny Internet access for. When done, just click apply.

i use comodo firewall 3.5 version, i see the common task tab and then

  • define a new trusted application
  • define a new blocked application
    where to go?

Please look at the attached picture to achieve what you want… picture #1

Also to modify aplications that already have rules, see picture #2

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