Not compatible Truecrypt


When i attempt to install CTM on my system, it tells me that i need to deinstall Truecrypt before to proceed !
But i can’t, i need it !

So, is there a way to make it work with Truecrypt ?


Nope. :slight_smile:

A nice picture.

I am sorry, CTM is NOT compatible with BitLocker Driver Encryption and any disk encryption utilities such as Truecrypt and COMODO Disk Encryption.

Thanks for your support!
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So what would happen if I install True Crypt after I install Time Machine? I can put it on my system in “portable” mode - no installation, nothing written to the registry. Would this work OK with Time Machine?

Hi, stevemellow
Maybe, It will mess up your computer.
We suggest not to use both simultaneously.
If you will, try it on virtual machine like vmware workstation.

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I use Hardware encryption in a laptop. Should I assume that the encryption software is not the problem but it’s the process that will cause issues and avoid CTM on that machine?

yes, you can install CTM 1st, and then run True Crypt with “portable” mode.
However, we strongly recommend not to use both CTM and True Crypt at the same time.

Sorry I wasn’t very clear. My hardware encryption works at Hard drive (onchip) level so I can’t install CTM first as the encryption is always live, there is no software involved. Will I have to suck it and see?

Yes, you are right.
BTW, CTM is not compatible with the encrypted disks.

There is a workaround.
Installing TrueCrypt after CTM.
This worked with previous encrypted devices (not tested with files).