not comodo-related, pc keeps crashing

Well, there you go, a butterfly passive cooler :slight_smile: nice one BF :slight_smile:

Make sure the wires aren’t holding the blue fan at top from spinning.

Where Is the third fan located?

You mean a fan in the box with the yellow showing through? That is the power supply.

If so all the fans should run all the time when the PC is booted.

Do Not try to fix the power supply. If that fan is causing overheating and shutdowns you need a new power supply.

Yeah, that fan on top is never really spinning, at least I’ve never seen it spin. But the wires are not in the way… ??? OMG!!! I just discovered: THEY DID!!! Have I told you guys yet, that I love you? LOL So now all the fans are working, that’s good, right? (rhetorical question!)
WOW, I’m impressed that I’m actually getting stuff to work here!!! Well, thanks to you all BF and Quill!!!
:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Ok, so now what? Oh yeah, the third fan is underneath that whole CPU block, so on the picture that would be on the left side towards the back with all the plugs…
Is that butterfly thing good? I always wondered what that was… I’m loving this learning as I go LOL I wonder if my hubby is gonna be impressed or depressed (because I won’t need him anymore HAHAHA)

Ok, anything else? Since I got that HWiNFO running and can observe the temp, I can keep it in check and so far the PC has been working fine. Anything else I should do?
I’m sorry, I’m so excited now, I’m even more confused…

Right now I’d say just keep an eye on things. you have a way to monitor the temps, if they so watch them. Using apps that are heavy 3D users (games etc.) are going to put pressure of all the components, CPU, Graphics card, memory etc. They’ll all get hotter.

Sometimes a good way of seeing over heating when playing a game, is when the graphics start to break-up or you get pixilation.

not really. i had the overheating (lack of thermal grease) problem once.
the PC just died when i was playing Devil may cry 4, no pixilation, no nothing. 88)

I did say sometimes…

Please bring it to the pc shop even if it takes a week.
You CPU will die soon.
You don’t know exactly when, but it dies suddenly.
Because your CPU FAN is not working properly.(it means it’s not spinning as an actual speed)

CPU FAN or Mother board.

go to shop please.

There is no CPU fan, it’s a passive heatsink…

After fixting cooling issues, you’ll need to check the hdd/OS, as you said the even viewer got corrupt entries. Run a scandisk and and SFC /scannow (you"ll need your OS CD).

you might ask your husband what kind of video card he has in it, some of the games today need a better video card to be able to play the game, if the card is not good enough it will crashed, also go to windows live onecare for there safty scanner, it is free, you can run it and see if you have any virus’s or trojan’s which will mess-up your computer. the addy for onecare is— try this first and good luck.

Well, I found a shop, that’s going to look at it right away, so I’m hoping this problem will be fixed once and for all later on today. I will let you know!
For the thousandst time (I can’t say it enough) Thank you all for your time and help!!!

Well, shucks! I paid 230$, he replaced the power supply (because that’s where the fan doesnt work), I come home, try it out and boom still heats up to >90 and shuts off!!! :-TD :-TD :-TD
So, now what? He was convinced that was causing the problem, as were we all, I think…
I’m pretty freaking mad now and of course they’re closed now for the weekend…

That’s bad news acos :frowning:

In HWInfo, are you using Celsius Fahrenheit? Also, which temperature are you seeing at 90+?

As far as I’m aware, all processors have a maximum temperature that when reached, will force the CPU to shut down, It’s basically self preservation. AMD chips have a range of maximums dependant on the chip type, but it seems to be between 65c and 95c.

If it is the CPU that’s reaching these high temperatures, it may be that the connection between the CPU and the cooler is either not good or it could be the thermal grease has dried out. either way it could cause the problem you’re seeing.

Its in Celsius! So when it reaches about 90c it shuts off. The computer repair guy said, usually a pc is supposed to be ok until about 110… But he was also convinced, that he fixed the issue…

So, what you’re saying (about the thermal stuff) is the same thing, the first repair guy said, is there an easy fix for me? or do i have to take it back to the store (geez, i think i already know that answer >:()

He did me a favor, bc hubby is in Iraq and only charged me an upgrade instead of the repair, but he said if I did need to come back, he can’t do that again… So I’m gonna have to spend even more… And i googled the power supply he installed, he charged me 130 just for that and on amazon its only 50$. Yeah, I’m pretty mad…

Some favour! :frowning:

I wish I could tell you it’s something easy to fix, but to be honest, I’m only able to guess the likely reasons for what you’re seeing.

It would be useful if we could narrow it down to the precise cause of the problem, at least as far as we are able.

A few simple things to check:

In HWiNFO the temperatures we are interested in are the ones at the top. I have an Intel CPU so mine will likely be a little different to yours, but the top section show the temperatures for the CPU cores (the internal bits of the CPU). In the next section the first temperature is for the inside of the case and the one after that an overall temperature for the CPU.

In a well ventilated case these temperatures should never really be above the early to mid 40c. In my case they are always around the mid 30c even on very hot days.

So the question is, assuming it is the cooler/CPU that’s causing your problem, which of the areas are at fault. Is it simply that there is not enough air flowing through the case or is it, as I suggested above, a connection problem between your cooler and the CPU.

First of all, make sure the inside of the case is not getting to hot, make sure the fans bring air in from the front and taking air out the back are turning freely and there are no obstructions.

Next, with the power turned off and the power cable removed from the PC, gently check the cooler installation (don’t forget to touch the metal outer case before you touch anything inside, it will discharge the static and stop you from damaging any electrical components).

If the cooler moves it may be simply the clip that holds it down is in place is loose. You can download the manual for the cooler from here If you look on the right of the page it shows the installation for an AMD chip and clearly shows the clip.

If, after checking all that and you still have the problem, my best advice is the same as before, take it to a repair shop. I could try and talk you through removing the cooler, cleaning and reapplying new thermal grease but…

you rock!!!

Here s the numbers:

CPU core 0 TSO value 48,5c min 47c max 76,5c
CPU core 1 TSO " 49c " 47,5c " 80 c

Motherboard " 39c " 38c " 40c
CPU " 54c " 53c " 88c

So, pretty hot, huh? But since we’ve had and used this PC since May 08, how come “now all of a sudden” its too warm in there? It’s gotta be the thermal stuff, is what I think, but I know so little…
Should I keep the case open for a while, to see if it changes? But that’s kinda dangerous, right? Btw, in this room, I got window unit a/c on 72-76, that shouldnt be too warm… Well, I am in Hawaii, so maybe its to humid here? We moved here in Sept 08…
One fan is on top, now working (since BF pointed out the cable, that was actually blocking it) and one in the back, underneath the power supply. And there are two “holes” in the case cover… Would that be enough?

I just checked that self-cooling device and it sits pretty tight! So, I’m back at square 1!

I was finally able to talk to my husband and he agrees: "Get it fixed, no matter what the cost, before it f***s up completely! So I guess on monday, I’ll go back to the shop. Unless you come up with another miraculous option ;D

It does look like the CPU temperature is the problem, 88c is way to high. Really, for day to day operation you want to see a figure considerably lower than that. As I said earlier, virtually all CPU’s have a safety mechanism that will power down the PC when a critical temperature is reached.

The reason this is happing now? Well a guess on my part, would be that the thermal grease that aids connectivity between the bottom of the cooler and the top of the CPU, has, for whatever reason, dried out, so now the CPU is not able to dissipate the heat generated by the CPU sufficiently.

In all honesty, unless you feel confident about attempting the repairs yourself, which could leave you with a worse situation than you currently have, should something go wrong, I’d have to say, take it into the repair shop.

Also, whilst we’ve narrowed down the problem, there may be something we’ve missed. Better at this stage to play safe. Paying for repairs now is going to be cheaper than replacing the entire PC later.

I wish I could offer something better…

I agree, I will take it back to the shop in monday! Rather safe than sorry and I just rely on it too much…

Thank you so much, you have been a majestic help! You don’t wanna know how many forums, supports, etc I’ve tried and mostly been ignored, so I’m very glad I found this one and I’m finally getting somewhere…

I’ll keep you updated, if you want, but for the rest of the weekend, I’ll just watch what I’m doing and on monday, hopefully this will all be over!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

I’d be very interested in hearing the outcome :slight_smile:

First of all, i’m not quite sure about that “pipe” cooling case, as it looks like a quite basic “passive” cooling method (i see no pipes and no fans at the CPU cooler!). Your motherboard also having a passive cooling method (see that black square top-left of the CPU cooler, that should be the motherboard chip’s cooler), so there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

A thing you shall check at the blue fan: is that working from the correct direction? It shall move out the air from the house (check both side with your hands /watch nails :)/). If not, reverse the fan and check the temperature again. Still, these house coolers are not wonders… (just my opinion)

So, one idea, if the above thing fails (unless that is pipe cooling, what i don’t think so…):

  1. i’d unplug the blue fan (which is on the back of your pc) from the motherboard: you won’t need that if you will resolve this with idea 2.
  2. buy a simple, normal fun for your CPU (or a Zallman /they are making less noizy coolers/, as active cooling willll be noisy - in this case, check the size of the current cooler /zallman coolers are usually large in size!/): please, check out what CPU type you got, the people will help in the shop if you know the details (or: you can usually read “suggested for” details on the cooler boxes). The most important datas: Socket type and Intel or AMD processor (this should be enough).

I guess you reeeally wanted a reeeally-reaaally silent pc, however, maybe this is not reeeally possible with the current small pc box size (you need some more empty space around the cooler at least). Maybe forget the 2nd idea (blue fan still won’t be needed: the pc will be less noisy and your PSU will be happy) and just take off the left side of the pc box (so the passive cooling method will get air anyway), see if that works…