not blocking

Hi I am running comodo firewall professional free version and my firewall has not blocked any intrusions since its installation several weeks ago and I am confused as to why that might be?

i has also only blocked one suspicious attempt in the same time period and that was today my previous firewall seemed a bit more intruder conscious, but Comodo came recommended by a trusted friend and I switched

any help would be appreciated

thank yu


I’ve just double checked my installation (which has been up and running for several weeks now) and it likewise has recorded no intrusion attempts. Whilst I can only view this as a good thing (providing it’s an accurate measure ;)) I wonder if it can be attributed to the PCs being stealthed?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Why do people want to see intrusions I do not know. Thats a good thing. It all depends. Are you behind a router or a modem with a hardware firewall built in. I am and thats my first line of defense and also for you if you have one. What are your global rules? If you run the stealth port wizard and select the option to block all incoming connections that should change things.