not being able to open my inbox

i use windows live messenger to talk to my friends, and for some reason, whenever i click the e-mail icon on the left under my name, i don’t get directed to my inbox. some of the people i know were saying comodo is doing this. if it is, how can i fix it?

(and i didn’t have the problem before i started using this very nice firewall, but with this…comodo will lose some points if its in charge of this)

can anyone help?


If you set the firewall to “Allow All”, what happens? Does the nature of the problem change?

Ewen :slight_smile:

actually, i tried something, and it says svchost.exe is trying to access the internet through IE (thats where my mail opens). i searched that program in google and some were saying its a program that can install viruses, but it is need for the computer…

svchost.exe is the Windows Services controller and is a required Windows component. Please make sure that it is spelt S-V-C-H-O-S-T and not S-C-V-H-O-S-T (note the difference between “svc” and “scv”). SCVHOST is a common name for trojans. SVCHOST is a valid window component and should be allowed access. Blocking it will cause a number of windows functions to fail.

Ewen :slight_smile: