not asking for save password

Now at version 29, and C.D. still will not usually ask me for saving passwords and will still not show the password & login choices at sites to which I am ready to sign in. When will Comodo fix this?
(Using incognito, private browsing mode)

Hi string_game,
Regarding issues with sites that require login, did you try my suggestion here?

Regarding password saving see if the following helps.

Thank you.


What you are indicating is that this feature of saving and quickly signing into accounts will never work for me on this computer, nomatter how or what I uninstall or reinstall or unpack or remove.

I had tried Superbird browser a few weeks ago on an older computer, and saving and fill-in of login-password combinations was mostly very good on that browser. It too, is a chrome based browser.

I will try that “do not tracking” option.

About that “here” link: That option IS DISABLED. Its disablement is obviously not a solution.

Sorry, I have no other ideas.


There have been multiple complaints in the past regarding the login detection in Dragon so I would like to take this opportunity to provide a more insightful answer.
Leaving aside the cases when the web page prevents (or at least notifies) the browser that the login information is not to be saved, there are occasions when detection simply doesn’t occur because of the detection method used by the browser or the website submits the login form in an unusual way.
Detection for login operation has not been altered from the Chromium source. This means that whatever methods Chromium uses to detect logins and save user credentials are used in Dragon as well.

The reason we have decided not to change the way Chromium core components work is that the changes might influence the integration process for future versions. This could mean longer intervals between updates and possibly the occurrence of unexpected bugs.

We realize that this is an inconvenience for some users but attempting to solve an issue that affects a relatively small number of websites while jeopardizing future versions is not a feasible decision.
We hope that you can understand our reasons for choosing this course of action.


Thank you for your comprehensive answer George-Silviu Blendea. :-TU

Now at least at version 33.1, Comodo Dragon used NOT in incognito mode will ask about saving password & username combinations. When the user later wants to sign-in to one of those accounts for which the combination was saved in Comodo Dragon, and now in incognito mode, the username and password combination IS available through a couple of mouse clicks in the username sign-in field.

Comodo Dragon will ask for saving of username and password for a site, but this must happen in REGULAR mode, not incognito. Later, sign-in can be done in either mode for that site/account.

This is a specific failure: Comodo Dragon still will not ask for saving sign-in data for Google accounts.