Not all threats have been Quarantined

For the past few weeks after a scan I have three items to clean, all but this one are taken care of
When I hit clean it will say “Not all threats have been successfully quarantined!”

You could try using CCE.

I tried CCE That to said “Failed”

Does Hitman Pro bring a solution here?

Hitman Pro didn’t work either, in fact I cannot find it to uninstall and my PC is SLOW since I used it.

Along with this issue my sound is skipping, I have two hard drives and when I noot fom my smaller drive the sound is normal, boot from the bigger hard drive with this problem sound skips and stutters. Any ideas?

Can you describe in more detail the process when you used Hitman Pro? Can you tell what it found? When it found a malware how did Hitman Pro proceed?

Can you tell me a bit more about your computer? What hardware is running? What OS are you using? What interface are both drives using? IDE or SATA?

Windows XP SP3
Intel core 2 CPU
1.86 GHz 1.97 GB Ram
Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme audio sound card, I have uninstalled and reinstalled driver and card.
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD SATA 6 Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache
WD 80 GB SATA hard drive, (This one has the normal sounding audio, I cloned it to the 1 TB HD)
When sounds is slow and distorted the task manager is showing CPU at around 30%
Everything was good till about a week ago.
I have to head to work but will rerun HITMAN and post a screenshot.
Thank you.

Do you recall what process is using 30% of your CPU cycles when the sound is going strange?