(NOT-ALL-RESOLVED)CIS 3.8 468 x32 allows all outgoing connections without perm.

I noticed that firewall doesn’t alert me about anything, I’ve checked it with my browser(Opera 9.6, IE), web communicator and few other programs. Even when I made blocking rules for these applications firewall allows connections to internet. KruFFT has similar problem, but I have not GPRS/EDGE connection. I use wifi with PPPoE protocol. I unchecked ICS gateway server in CIS settings but it didn’t help. In version 3.5 everything was fine without changing any settings.

Vista x32 SP1
AMD 64
CIS 3.8 468 (firewall safe mode, d+ clean pc mode)
windows firewall disabled
no other pc security software installed

Hi Breen,

Here is another setting to try - check box - Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP/IP

Remember to Apply, Restart required.


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Hi there, can you tell me what you interface is ? Make/Model/Type/Driver version anything else you can think of…

Nope didn’t work.

Hi Ronny. I use wlan card Ralink RT2400, driver version Network is configured as broadband connection (PPPoE) only by windows, I do not use any other network application. What more I can tell? :THNK

In CIS 3.5 everything worked perfect… until now


Yea, sorry. So much for SWAG (scientific wild ass guess).


I spoke to other guy who has the same problem. He also uses PPPoE protocol(but no wifi), so maybe PPPoE is the cause?
I will post his configuration as soon as it is possible.

Ok. That guy’s uses Realtek RTL8168B/8111B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0), driver ver. 6.195.625.2007 with PPPoE(Also Vista x32). Today’s update didn’t fix this bug. I hope It will be fixed soon.

Vista Business SP1 x64
LAN- realtek rtl8111B PCI-E, driver v6.216
The problem is absolutely the same

Can you check this problem in new version CIS 3.8.64739.471?

  • FIXED! AV engine crashes while scanning some files
  • FIXED! Firewall blocks all the traffic in some vista PCs when checksum verification is enabled
  • FIXED! Some applications consume 100% CPU while CIS is installed

I can’t download this update build during few days (I have not fast internet connection now).

see the message from Breen above
“Today’s update didn’t fix this bug. I hope It will be fixed soon.”

Hi all
I have analogical problem on vista 32 system. 3G modem - CCU-550

Ooops… I has not noticed.

The problem is similar to mine? (https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_bugs/cis_3864263468_firewall_dont_catch_network_activities-t34668.0.html)

Yes - firewall dont work. New rules no created and no any animation in tray. Any application have full access to internet without notification.

This is under dev’s attention…

I hope the guys will find cause of this bug- it’s security issue. Making good software is not a piece of cake…but I believe in COMODO (:KWL)

Looks like I have the same problem: no animation in tray. I also use a PPPoE protocol. And I have another question: when I try the grc test, all the ports result stealthed except the no. 0 and 1 which are closed. With windows vista firewall all the ports are stealthed instead. Is it normal? ??? I choose the option sthealth my ports to everyone.

Yep, this is it, Vista and PPPoE… Looks like firewall (at least outgoing) doesn’t work, that’s why I returned to version 3.5(with problems),in this ver. on grc all ports are stealthed. Propably this bug answers for these:

As Ronny said, Devs will check what’s wrong… soon.

To all posters in this thread - this topic is receiving immediate attention by the developers.

Many thanks to mod Ronny for his involvement and co-operation with the devs. (:CLP)

I have installed CIS 3.8.64739.471 under win XP pro 64bit (SP2+automatic updates), everything seems to work fine (:CLP) No more vista ;D

At last new release 477 fixed this bug! But… I had installed version 471 and CIS has updated itself to latest build, although update didn’t help, I had the same problem with firewall. I uninstalled CIS and made clear install of 477… that was big mistake… vista has tolally freaked out, I had 100% cpu usage, internet connection didn’d work and my wifi card disappeared (:AGY). So I decided to reinstall whole system. Now everything seems to work fine, firewall D+ etc. Propably there was a conflict between some old CIS files. If you will have similar problems…