not all ports are stealthed, WHY?

after setting comodo to stealth my ports i have ran several test and only a few ports are stealthed the rest show closed why does comodo not stealth all of them? also if you look at the pic why does comodo not stealth tcp ping packets,Null packets,fin packets,xmas packets, ? thanks. also the test i ran were at

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Are you running your computer behind a router?

Your router could be responding to the pings sent from this site instead of your computer directly responding to them.


Yes, as was determined in his/her other thread, open ports ? a router is built into the modem.

P.S. Some of the tests at are dubious at best. Your can get a fail on their leaktest if you have unplugged your modem or disconnected your ethernet cable. Unless they have found a way to establish a connection through osmosis, telekenesis or juju voodoo, you have to cast some dount on the test. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I can’t even run the tests at pcflank. The stealth test takes forever and then it says that internet explorer can not display the results page .