Not all listening processes are listed in current connection list


I first wanted to report the bug in CPFW 3 bug subforum,
realizing it is closed and there is new baby CIS 3.5 on the world. (:HUG).

Now I hve latest CIS ( FW + Defence+ only ), but bug lasts:

When going to FW - Active connections, you can see listening processes. But not all.

I was playing with SysLog Viewer for my Linksys home router RTP300.
SysLog events are icnoming to UDP port 514, what I have allowed in FW.
I was not able to see any events - ( because none occured, but I did not know it ).

Investigating I was not able to see LogViewer listening UDP 514 port.

Then I tried TCPView by SysInternals, being a Win GUI counterpart to netstat CL command.
And heureka - it was there, listening UDP on ( AFAIK all interfaces )

There were more processes, mainly system ones, that was listed listening on TCPView,
but not in comodo FW list. Most, but not sure if all listening

I use CIS 3.5.54375.427 for Vista64 Premium SP1


Mention also in wishlist forum