Not all Computers need Antimalware Protection.

I guess you want to know why they don’t?
Check here to find out.

Yeah, I know about this misterious discovery for some years now. There are many unexplained discoveries along our history, some say that humans were very scientifically advanced before the great flood that wiped out most of the scientific knowledge and that they were helped by other beings not from this earth. There are many ancient constructions like the ruins from Nazca, in which their age cannot be established by using the carbon testing method and their construction clearly required some stone cutting technology that rivals our own today.
There is a documentary called Ancient Aliens that was presented on the History Channel which speaks about this astronomical calculator and many other things. It is posted on youtube also.

It would be very interesting if they could build a computer which doesn’t need antimalware software and still be connected to the internet.

They would need anti sand and water protection…:wink:

A sandbox might do the trick

As long as it passes a leaktest. :a0

Wow, what an interesting discovery, thanks for sharing that :-TU

Thanks for the replies, I found it interesting. It thought it would be a good question for a Trivia fun night.