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Just to show that other, more classical, security measures should not be forgotten. Backup those important files, and keep the backups off-site.

That link leads to a fire.

Yes, it does. Building fires can be very destructive. Computers (w/their important data) going up in flames could put the very existance of a business at risk. Therefore, the need to secure those computer files. I have seen this happen. A firm I worked for did not take my advice to backup their important data and keep it offsite in a safe place. A small fire erupted one night. Mostly smoke damage. It seems most of the smoke went right into the important computers in the business office. Some of the water to fight the fire also hit these computers. It took months, and lots of money, to recover.

I actually don’t store anything important on my pc. Most home users don’t but businesses should be aware of this.