Not able to work with Comodo FW....

Dear all,

gave CPF a try. Used Outpost before. Strange things happened . Game BF2 didn´t start again after ending, FW windows didn´t pop up on top. Will wait for a German language release - maybe I´m not able to understand everything right… a second try then perhaps. And the second tray icon for the center is useless in my opinion…

BUT for a free product nice work. Keep it up.

The Firewall Staying On Top will hopefully be fixed upon the Stable Release of 2.3 on Thursday. You will have the option not to install the Lauchpad when the stable release comes out. If you choose “Do Not Install Launchpad” you will only have one icon on the system tray.


Thx Eric,

I think I´ll try again on Thursday. But I was astonished that my game BF2 didn´t start again after closing. This is definitely caused by CPF. Maybe I created some wrong rules… As I said I´m not an expert in using firewalls but I created rules in outpost f.e. svchost .exe with udp etc and they are working. So I hope I´m not a totally noob. Got some free day and will search in this forum for more help abaout rules and setup of CPF… Hope a German release will come soon.

thanks again for your answer and this nice project.
Best regards


Language translations will eventually be done for Comodo products. About your issue with the games, check out the FAQ for Comodo Personal Firewall thread as there where some posts there were other users reported gaming issues also.
CPF has an option allowing it to allow all applications automatically which will eventually be used as a gaming option for those having issues. However, this remains only for internal testing at the moment.