Not able to use Instant Messengers properly after installing Comodo Firewall

I am not able to use Yahoo Messenger properly after installing Comodo Firewall. I am not able to use voice or webcam after installing CFP v3.0.18.309. I am not able to view my friends webcam!

I am installing this firewall for the second time. When I installed this software first, it blocked all my programmes in my PC. It didn’t even allow to open any of my folders. Then I had to install XP again.

How should I configure this firewall properly so that it does its job quietly and doesn’t give me much trouble and saves me from intrusions ? ???

V3.0.18.309 ??

You’re 7 releases behind !

Download latest version here pls:

Relating too configuration off CFP 3. If you are sure your computer is 100% clean of malware, use “Clean PC Mode”- It will assume all files on your PC are safe, You wont receive any Alerts. But unknown ones will make CFP 3 Alert you.

If you are not sure, Put “Training Mode” in for a few days- It will learn the programs on your computer, again, No alerts, Then switch back to “Safe Mode”.


Reinstall XP are you crazy. Yahoo Messenger works great on my end. There are 2 files to add to the firewall and D+.

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