Not able to install few things...

I have tried installing yahoo messenger few times on my computer but it says “installation unsucessful”, in the end. This used to never happen when i didnt have a special firewall, so probably its because of the firewall, as i also got one pop up once which said something like “not able to download things required for installation, check your firewall settings…”.

I am not able to install flash player also, not sure if that too is because of this…

I think the first time i installed messenger, i clicked on some popups to block them, so if theywere false positives and were from yahoo messenger and were required to install messenger, how can i clear them from being blocked in future. Also what else may the reaosn be for not being able to install.

You can check blocked files in the Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files. Also, make sure that files you are installing aren’t sandboxed and whether they will be automatically sandboxed (you can see that on Summary page).

I just checked and saw that there is not even a single file in the blocked files list and in the always sandbox list. Whats the mystery behind not being able to install then. Could it be some reason outside firewall then?

Also, how come it hasn’t blocked even a single file uptil now when i have, i remember clicking on block few times. what happened to that???Once even comodo had detected a infection which i had blocked. I hope it has not invaded my system?

Check if you have something blocked in the Firewall → Network Security Policy → Blocked Zones.
Also, can you attach to the post screenshots of the Firewall and Defense+ Events?