Not Able to Install COMODO Firewall:

I had used the COMODO Firewall for many years but recently noticed that it was no longer on my computer. I tried to download in install the firewall again, but during the installation, a dialogue box appeared indicating that I needed to delete the existing firewall. I checked using Control Panel/Uninstall Programs and only found Geek Buddy and Trust Connect. I uninstalled Geek Buddy and tried to download and install COMODO Firewall and saw the same dialogue box each time that indicted that I needed to delete the existing firewall. I have tried installing COMODO Firewall several times with the same result. Any and all suggestions as to how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.

This page didn’t work for my problem with comodo, but maybe it will help you? Looks like I will have to find a new anti virus software. No one has been able to give me info to correct my problem.