not able to install beta 494.. [Resolved]


I actually am not able to install beta .494. If i click on the .exe, the virtual memeory goes up to 266Mb, but processor is close to idle. Stays like this for 5min at least (until i give up) No pop-up to choose language even comes up.

Have the minimum system requirements to be able to install CIS, changed?

Am having 128Mb RAM only. .(Don’t laugh please) Previous (non-beta) versions installed and worked just fine

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you must clean registry key to solve that because you have uninstall and reinstall new version without reboot pc

Merci Florent,

but i must have rebooted as, after installing 3.8, i have been using another malware solution for a while… I also rebooted after removing that one.



my issue is solved. Installer just takes some 10-15min to get to the pop-up asking in which language you want to install CIS. Guess amount of stuff loaded into RAM is just huge.

.474 beta running nicely in meantime, thanks,

By the way saw that whilst updating antivirus, the top screen of CIS does not say ‘updating now’ any more like in 3.8 non-beta.


Correction, it does say ‘updating at this very moment’ after all.

Interesting fact: This is the second occasion where I report 2 suspected bugs in 1 topic, and where both of them in the end can simply be attributed to my own stupidity.

Ain’t that something?


Probably makes one wonder if I just create such posts to get my ‘posts’-count up.

which is not the case

Yes, some days I am quite funny, I have to admit.

today ain’t one of them

Would you like me to kindly lock this topic Mack and mark it as Resolved :wink:

Certainly brought a smile to my face…nice 1 :-TU

yes thanks Matty. I have nothing more to add.


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