Not able to complete a scan of my drive.


I have still not been able to complete a on demand scan of my drive. After a few thousand files have been scanned the process stops and I have to kill the process. After that my computer is sluggish and I have to reboot. I have seen the “fix bugs” thread that talks about problems similar to this one, but I was wondering if there’s something I can do to be able to perform a complete scan?

In all other respects the program works great, but I would like to be able to complete an on demand scan now and then.


What version of CAVS do you have?

And, does it always stop at the same point in the scan (the same file or folder)?


Version information:

Build Version :
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No, it does not stop at the same place every time. That would have been easier to deal with I guess.

As I thought. CAVS 1.1 had some problems with scanning; typically on large files (such as image files) and compressed (zipped, etc) files.

In CAVS 1.1 there is not a fix or workaround that I’m aware of.

With the current Beta; well, any of the 2.x Betas, that issue was fixed and is not a problem. is very stable and well on its way to becoming a final release. At the moment, the download link is offline, due to hardware/forum/webserver upgrading that Comodo is doing. You might keep your eye on it, though…
as it should return shortly…

At any rate, rest assured that Comodo found the problem due to user reports, and has addressed it. That doesn’t help with v 1.1, but will for the future…


As you mentioned the download link is dead. Is it really nowhere to download the beta right now?


:’( Sadly, no.

I’d offer to email it to you, but it’s too freakin’ large (25M) to be casually emailing around… Unfortunately, it’s a wait at this point.

I will contact Comodo to see if they have an idea on when that will server will be back up.