not able to communicate between pcs on home network

I have 3 pc’s on my home network. A laptop running vista home premium and 2 desktops each running windows xp professional.

I have the comodo firewall program on all 3 computers and each one is set up identically so that they can all talk to each other. However for whatever reason as of today I cannot get any of the machines to be able to ping the others - I did go to a command prompt and typed ipconfig to make sure that the addresses had not changed on any of them and that is not the case but whenever I try to ping one of them from another pc on the home network I keep getting request timed out.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be so very much appreciated.


go stealth ports > Define a new trusted… > add ip address or the name of the network

Valentin N

I had not done in the past (but was not having any problems till yesterday. As it turns out that particular pc is starting to act up so that may be why the problems. Which may also explain why there was only the problem with the one pc talking to the others. Either way, I will add that step to my settings.

Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated.