Not a Virus Risk

I have a program I want to run but is quarantined every time I go to use it. It is listed as not a virus risk in the report. The program is win32.shutdown C.exe


you should add this file to the EXCLUDE options in SETTINGS. You will need to add it to three different exclude lists - the on-access, the on-demand and the HIPS ( I know what you’re thinking right now - why three separate list? Hopefully these will be aggregated in a future release). The exclude option is in the Advanced section of on-access, on-demand and HIPS.

To add them to the exclude list, you’ll need to temporarily disable the on-access scanner, go to the quarantine, restore the file, go to each of hte exclude lists and then turn the on access scanner back on.

Just had a thought, wouldn’t it be much easier if there was an “Add to EXCLUDE LISTS” button in the Quarantine, and have the selected file added to all three lists?

Why don’t you add this to the CAVS wishlist topic?

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: