Hi guys,
this topic is for feedback and comments. I have not found on this forum anything related to this message, so here are my comments, maybe some of them already known:

  1. I had got a message from the antivirus engine: not-a-virus.Downloader.Win32.PopCap.b@5768293. Before I could respond anything it disappeared, and I have no idea what answer was selected (defaulted), and I could not find any way to set it, check it.
  2. The only thing left is a line in the log containing this string, the file name (popcaploader.dll), action (detect), date and status (success). The file exists, it is really a downloader, I know about it. But I don’t know what do these action and status mean, why it is reported at all.
  3. If it (or anything) were found I would like to be able to copy any field from the log window to the clipboard without exporting it into html. Also I would like to have a link, right mouse menu or anything to direct me to the explanation or some detailed info why it is dangerouos, and so on…
  4. also I would like to have the possibility to configure related settings in the defense+ mode instead


Where did you this message from? Because I got from an MSN Game called Chuzzle. I figured that MSN is not sending viruses.

Read this page no why it may be in your MSN: .