Not a trusted certificate. ??

I have one of these digital signatures. It seemed to be working well and I really do appreciate the free service.

However, today when I attempted to e-Mail Techsmith’s tech support at, I received a message back that the message was rejected because the certificate was not a trusted certificate.

The exact wording was:

There was a problem with your S/MIME signature certificate:
The certificate used to sign your email is untrusted.

I was advise to correct this and re-send the message.

Of course, my solution was to just turn of digital signatures for that message so that there was nothing to check (and return) and then re-send the message which was accepted with no problem. I guess I understand that if a customer elects to use a digital signature, then Techsmith feels obliged (or their server is set to) check that certificate.

What confused me was this reject message.

Ideas please??


It could be doesn’t have our certificates in their repository

Please ask to update the root from the following link

Also the root and intermediate certificates can be downloaded from the following link.


It could be techsmith only trust certificates issued by themselves etc? It might not be anything to do with our certs as such, but simply the rules they have setup. Usually in businesses people setup rules only to trust their own enterprise certs etc.


I have now sent a message making this request of TechSmith. Thanks for the response. We’ll see if they follow through or if it is something internal as suggested by Melih below.

I have been working with Techsmith regarding the trust status of digital signature certificates from Comodo. They are very nice to work with … today I received this reply:

Thanks for helping us troubleshoot this issue. We use a 3rd
party CRM software service to handle the trouble ticket system in our
support department. Based on your e-mail - The error appears to be
generated by their server when the case is submitted. I have forwarded
this on to the person who manages our relationship with the CRM
provider. Hopefully they will be able to resolve this issue quickly.
Thanks again for your help.


Michael Morgan
Network Administrator
TechSmith Corporation