Not a Security risk now BUT

Ran a program of a trusted download site to check for updates.

At the bottom was an image for Gimp (had to be an ad) in not having used Gimp in a long time, thought I would download it and try it out.

That is when I noticed that the download was not for Gimp but primarily for a program called InstallQ
Thought I had chose correctly since I do not like the screen space toolbars eatup but the first download and install was for Yahoo Toolbar.

In reading about InstallQ many of the programs it promotes are questionable with a few popular ones. Even though Revo Uninstaller can remove it, in my search for InstallQ even found a PAID removal tool.

Unfortunately the update checking was not done via the Dragon browser but a stand alone desktop file or I would have tried site Inspector,
maybe a right click scan could be added if Dragon is the default browser ?

How many others have found other programs identical to InstallQ ?