NoSquint v2.1.9.1 - latest version - incompatible

Not liking this at all; could be a show stopper for me.


NoSquint is dead a/o Apr 2016 :cry:

Alternatives are offered in obit in URL above.


Seems to work good - not the same way as NoSquint, but works, and work good the same; just different.

What version of IceDragon are you referring to? The freshly released


I’m Golden on the latest IceDragon release; I have the follwing implemented:


Classic Theme Restorer v1.5.3
Classic Toolbar Buttons v1.5.1
Developer Assistant
DOM Inspector v2.0.161.1
FEBE v8.9.2
ImageZoom v0.6.3.1
Inspect Context v1.00.1
NoSript v2.9.0.11
NoSquint+ v47.8.0
Star-Button in URLbar v1.4
Status-4-Evar v 2015.
Stylish v2.0.6


OpenH264 Video Codec
Adobe Acrobat
Shockwave Flash
Shockwave for Director
Silverlight Plug-in v5.1.41212.0
VLS Web Plugin
Windows Presentation Foundation v 3.5.30729.1

Aside from that quirky BOINC issue particular to Einstein that I previously reported, my TUV4X platformed PIII 1400-S [at] 145 FSB - 1.55v - w/ 3x512 PC133 Mosel-Vitellic SDRAM, PCI AHA39160 dual channel SCSI host ontroller - supporting 3x 15k RPM HDD - on a WinXP SP3 / Win2003 R2 host is happy with IceDragon and having 800+ tabs - :embarassed: - open at any given time. I can ‘feel’ the machine groaning :o at times and just kill off a few hundred tabs and it perks right up; the tab / video cache / history memory tweaks in about:config have been usefull for me .

I fail to comprehend what troubles anybody could possibly be having; all mileage should be equal. :a0

I’m just stunned there are SO many prollems with all the new fangled nuclear powered light-speed junk. ???

I’ll concede that I can’t play any game that needs more oomph than a GF3, or watch any sort of viideo on high def without the video stuttering or lagging behind the sound-track. But I’ve implemented Kx Project drivers for EMU10K1 based PCI DSP solutions. The sound that I get on my rig can make your $5000 Harmon Kardon speaker + amp system quiver in your boots. But I digress…