Since Comodo Dragon’s priority is to offer better security, a feature like NoScript would be suitable. It not only improves browsing safety, but also makes it much faster.


But Chrome 5 has a similar feature so it could be possible that Comodo use it and perhaps tweak it

+1 To both of you… let’s hope that this is on the cards, as we been told many times that there is so much to come with CD, now it’s just a “wait and see” game. ;D


Currently Chrome doesn’t even support NoScript. Chrome’s core infrastructure lacks the APIs needed to successfully block content. Once this is added to Chrome/Chromium, then shortly after so will CD (if Comodo Devs so desire)

Here’s more on the subject…

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Thanks. I am accustomed to using phpBB and used the wrong syntax. Thanks for catching it, I have corrected it now.

No problems there my friend… But bringing us back on to the subject of “No-Script”, you do have to agree that this would be very much needed part for the browser, default deny so to speak… Which one cannot fault! Thus to some degree taking out the need for Adblock option to be added although it is nice to use in conjunction with incase any slip by…

Google is presently working on it with the Developer of NoScript. So until Google/Chromium community enables the functionality, there’s little Comodo can do. I presently do not use NoScript, it gets in the way of my AJAX sites. :stuck_out_tongue:

What would Noscript Add if your running Defense+ ?

Ah I see ;D

Liked the link you gave though, which included some discussion on why Google have not yet done a adblock extension/add-on… Would of thought they should of known the answer by now, why would a privacy snooping company care about them been exposed to Ads? After all it’s one of the ways how they make their money.

Chrome 4.1…

Or add -disable-javascript to the shortcut. :stuck_out_tongue:

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CD is presently using the Chromium 3.x code base. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know… Hope it will use 4.x soon… :slight_smile:
Chromium 4 and SRWare Iron get higher score than Dragon in this test:

key word is if. right now probably most people running cd also run cis but that will change

some site use multiple scripts to run a site. what if i want to allow some script on the page but block others. also noscript shows all the scripts running on the page without it, how do you know what scripts are running and what their names are so you can add them as an exception to be allowed or blocked. people who use noscript don’t use it to block all scripts. that feature is already in browsers. they use it to see what all scripts run on sites and block the ones they want and allow the ones they want to run on the fly instead of manually adding entries to a list in the browser. they also use it to prevent click jacking. noscript is flexibility on the fly? what you suggested is monotonous manual entry which is not what noscript users are looking for.