I have renewed my Norton subscription, what I would like to know when it expires(Norton Personal Fire Wall) I will still have Norton System Works. If I install your fire wall will Norton System Works 2006 be compatible with C O M O D O?

Do you mean run Norton firewall and Comodo firewall? If so, You cant run two firewalls together it creates conflicts between the two.

No I do not plan to renew Norton Personal Fire Wall but my subscription for Norton System Works dose not expire for a while. I am wondering if Norton System Works will conflict with C O M O D O fire wall.

I dont think there would be any conflicts between Norton and Comodo. i’m not 100% sure but i dont see why there would be any conflicts.


There should not be any conflicts as long as you completely remove Norton Personal Firewall.

I long time dun use Norton, now do u haf to go thru steps or download da tool fr Norton site to completely remove? r things better?

Are you sure that there is a “Firewall” in Norton Systemworks? The last copy of the full version 2006 only had the anti virus program. Plus several other programs that eat up ram and cpu. I preferred its “BackUp” but gave up and its Legends for SpeedDisk did not work the last 3 years (only 3-4 colors instead of 5-7 early on).

Depends on the year of your disk some utilities you need to install and some you can run from the install disk like “WIPE” I ususally WIPE Free Space every 4-5 months after defraging.