norton took out the widget

norton took out the widget in v. 2013, comodo is giving it in version 6 despite this:Microsoft Urges Users to Shut Down Windows Gadgets or Risk Attack | PCWorld
It’s a serious security risk! :smiley:


the comodo gadget does not use windows gadget. i have the windows gadget service disabled on my machine but i could still see the comodo widget upon install.

Ok then, if the security is ok!

There is no security risk as with gadgets.
Wasgij6 is correct.
The idea is similar to gadgets, but it is not based on gadgets.
It is more like an optional bar for the desktop that can be shown or hidden.

Nonsense. It’s like saying oh noes, disable Firefox extensions because they may allow compromisng the system. Well no shit Sherlock, don’t download them from untrusted source and there is nearly zero chance for that. Instead they just say disable it. Ugh…