Norton İnternet Security 2012 TRsec Malware Test

NIS 2012 unknow malware detected one number :-TU

Norton AV + Comodo FW + Zemana AntiLogger = Super Combo

Not in English :o

It’s Turkish : the translation

I did not test the Norton database was used to-date and powerful example of pests xxx_porno.exe Lock’tur Ransom. Although it is not in the database you will see how it has given a response. Meanwhile, Ransom can not be removed Lock PC kitleyen safe mode to open and has a strong threat … and Internet behavioral analysis.

WTF :-\

Thanks for taking the time to trasnalte, should of thought about using some online one… anyway, yeah even when translated to English, it’s still bloody confusing and pointless…

No offense meant to the OP, just my thoughts on the matter. 88)