Norton Internet Security 2012 FINAL test

very strong security suite…
i like his reviews: - YouTube

i think, now all other security products also have protection against unknown threats. so in future comodo will face heavy competition.

Trying 2012 NIS. Must say Strong & Light product.

PCMag review of NIS 2012 mentioned

“Its SONAR behavior-monitoring module tracks all activity by each process, so when it detected a threat partway through installation it was able to roll back all changes.”

Seems good but is it true?


Yes Comodo will face very heavy competition. When you talk Norton, its a strong average users products, everything automatic & effective protection. And Norton is one of the biggest competition coz with its automatic strong protection approach it caters majority of users i.e average users.

can u tell me about SONAR… why Comodo didn’t have that technology. i mean, CIS is not for every one. so if they had this type of technology against unknown threats, CIS will be the best. but presently, advanced users are only using CIS.

I think in this day and age, more users are actually changing their mind set and actually being pro-active and learning. So whilst Comodo aims to make their product more and more user friendly which each release, the user aims to meet in the middle.

Techy Savvy (enthusiasts) are on the increase! :slight_smile:

ADDED: With regards to SONAR behavior-monitoring… we was informed that at some point BB would be included in CIS, does this still stand?

Did a little test of NIS 2012 with 10 malware links.

Norton blocked 9 BUT 1 malware it gave safe verdict. I dont know its malware or not. Following are the VT & Valkyrie links. Valkyrie too find it normal.

This is the malware link.

Please don't post links to malware in the public boards.

Even Internet Explorer said the file is malicious.

Attached is the screenshot


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can u tell me how strong it is against trojan ransom… like .avi.exe type. can u test atleast 25 trojan ransoms againts norton and reply the results. please…

This norton test was on real system. Just download & save, no running malware. VM was giving error so uninstalled it. If I do the test, will post here the results.


According to what i’ve read and understood, SONAR acts as a sort of behavior blocker, analyzing a program through an elaborate algorithm based on how the program operates and how it is installed, thus allowing for detection even before installation.

One possible explanation is that Symantec got hold of it first. But, on the other hand, would you really want something a wee bit too automatic? This was tested on malware. Everything’s good. What about safe products? If in case of a false positive, it could pose detrimental to the system.

There is a case wherein Avast! considered a driver installation (graphics) malicious because of its behavior blocker and though it was sanctioned ok (by the user), it still caused bsod’s and repeated rebooting. This is in my experience, a dangerous technology that needs to be handled with utmost care to be successful. I would still advice on using virtualization softwares instead of antiviruses for testing installations. It’s much more of a hassle at times, but it’s a lot safer. On the plus note, in case of any errors encountered, they produce less problems than antiviruses.

I did a little searching on whether or not Norton users experience such difficulties as I did with avast!. I found this:

and this: SONAR detects our protected application as a high security risk | Endpoint Protection

oh and this too: SEP 12.1 Sonar Performance Issues | Endpoint Protection

I’ve had my share of troubles with technologies such as this. For me, it’s just not worth it.

I have had Nortons Sonar identify malware as safe,it was downloaded fro Mdl.This was tested with an early beta of 2012.Yes its light, yes it does catch the majority of malware in my tests.The key word here is majority, as some sailed straight past,zero day stuff,end result infection. Same malware links with Cis and every one was caught…Nuff said, Comodo Rocks.