Norton DNS Now Has Web Filtering And A Client/Utility Program!

Man Languy! You were suppose to be getting some Rest! Don’t hurt yourself now. :o :smiley:

Thank you very much, I look forward to watching the video and seeing the results. :slight_smile:

Now get yourself some rest Young Man. :wink: :smiley:

I did sleep a ton yesterday, I think I slept 13 hours. I still have a little of my bronchitis left from a few weeks ago, still some stuff in my chest that is trying to come out.

Ouch! :frowning:

May Athena heal thy infirmity/ailment my son, I command thee Bronchitis/Mucous to leave this Young Man in the name of Athena! :smiley: *Joke ? :wink: * :wink:

Well, at least you got some sleep! :o :smiley:

Get well soon. :slight_smile:

Sorry to be off subject here but this may help Languy99 or anyone else in the comodo forum who has been suffering with a chest infection or maybe a heavy cold. Run a hot shower (or have a hot bath) and inhale the steam from the shower for 20 minutes or so (take deep breaths) and then lie on your front on your bed with your head over hanging the edge of the bed, put a bowl or a container on the floor at the end of the bed ready to catch the phlegm (sorry but that is what the bowl is for) this will help your chest.
(again I am sorry for being off topic but I thought this post might help Languy99 or anyone else who has been suffering with a chest infection or heavy cold)

The doctor is in the building! :smiley:

Thank you for sharing that. :wink: