Norton compatibility

I understand that CID is built on Mozilla/Firefox… but, it’s not compatible with Norton Identity Safe toolbar.

I want to know when this will change.

The Norton toolbar is not only a simple security item but also a pwd vault and it allows various pages to be shared. Even when the toolbar crashes on the chrome browser, pwds will still populate on chrome when the vault is open from the IE browser… but not CID.

The odd thing (in my mind) is that the toolbar will load on a Mozilla browser… but not this one. I don’t understand that.


Norton installs the extension using the third party installation method.
Here’s an explanation and a that I gave in an older thread. Let us know if this helps you solve your issue.


To make IceDragon detect the extension correctly you have to create the following registry location: HKLM\Software\Comodo\IceDragon\Extensions and add the corresponding value from Firefox. When you launch IceDragon the next time it will load the Roboform add-on (it should also be present in the Add-ons manager).

I don’t know where HKLM would be… but there is more than one HKEY folder with ‘Software’ in it. and I know enough to not mess with the registry. I need a more specific location.

HKLM is short for Hive Key Local Machine. It points to the Local Machine branch of the registry.