Norton blog on Misleading tests calls out AV-comparatives

Norton Posted this blog saying that AV-comparatives can produce mis-leading tests.

Don’t be fooled by misleading security tests - senior director, product management, Symantec Corporation

“We look forward to the day when all published tests are real-world tests. In the meantime, readers need to beware of artificial tests that show misleading product comparisons.”

Outch! Ha ha ha LOL! Ah Symantec… Symantec…

Well “Microsoft Outperforms Symantec in Antivirus Test” it was mainly to FP. Many other AV’s will fail against MSE when it will come down to FP but it’s not to say that the detection and protection is good. Norton detection is not it’s strong point anyway since they rely on the application checking. But it goes to show that ppl should Q these tests I agree. Thanks for the link andrei1997.