Norton AV/FW 2007


Anyone tried it?
Does it work with COMODO?
Any test results?
How effective is it’s rootkit protection?

Norton antivirus 2007 has it’s own NTFS driver for scanning, this is miles ahead of what other antivirus products are doing, mainly because i believe they are using API calls for scanning, is this correct? Or are most antivirus companies using their own NTFS driver for direct hard drive access instead of relying on the OS to lie to the antivirus program.


Anyone seen leaktest results against it?
How well does it hold up against Hack attacks.
It has alot of AI (Which rings warning bells for me) which means almost 100% likely it is going to be easier to hack.

cheers, rotty


Norton Antivirus 2007 should work with the Comodo Firewall, I was a beta tester of NAV 2007 and I had no problems however this could have changed with the final release (but I doubt it).

My Results from NAV 2007 Tests:

I have found the it is much faster in scan speeds (but still slower then others) and I like the new interface, however I think its rootkit protection/detection is ok because I have had other antispyware/malware solutions find rootkits on my machine where the new Norton does not, this could have been a false positive (I’m not sure). As for what Norton 2007 detected on my machine, it suprisingly found nothing, even though I scanned first with NAV2007 then scanned with an antispyware app (Spyware Doctor) and Norton found nothing where as Spyware Doctor found 20 threats.

NAV 2007 Summary:
Overall NAV 2007 is a much better product then the past versions (2006, 2005) and I was tempted to actually buying it however I don’t think I need it, I am fine with just Comodo, and have not been infected with anything while I keep my defenses up (during Norton tests I took down firewall and other 3rd party defense software). Symantec has great virus detection not so good spyware detection though (imo), I would not trust them for Spyware/Malware detection and removal because they are new to the market and the 2007 version is when they started to get serious about the antispyware market (NIS 2005 Antispyware Edition was a joke…) as I noticed their spyware detection has gotten stronger but still isn’t the greatest. In the end the decision is yours.

Norton Personal Firewall:

Still in the 2006 version (will soon be outdated by the 2007 version being released soon) I have not used this firewall however I have heard recently (just yesterday) that the NIS firewall defense has been compromised and is therefor now almost useless now. I am assuming that the regular Firewall would use the same kind of defense method so therefor it is most likely useless now that hackers have figured out a way to completely break down the firewall. I would just stick with Comodo but then again it is your choice.

I personally have had my interest sparked, the only bit i hate is that the Firewall does to much for you, if it proves effective though and their is an option to amp up how much the firewall annoys you. I will consider buying this product IMO.

Also anyone else who is thinking about buying it i would suggest using the trial before buying, and if the computer your installing it on has important info and you don’t have a Image of the drive that you can restore with, i would recommend giving it a month or two (Especially if you don’t have the time to in worst case scenario re-install the OS).

cheers, rotty