Norton Antivirus/Internet Security 2010

NAV/NIS 2010 has just been released, with SONAR 2 (An updated version of SONAR), Download Insight (Norton will tell you if a download is good or not), and System Insight (tells what your system performance and you can check why system slowed down), and a much more powerful Anti-Spam (finally after 10+ years). I think I can really applaud Symantec for their efforts to make Norton products great. I have attached some screenshots of the program. I am using the program and it is as light as 2009, if not lighter.

EDIT: I will update the Norton Insight Network every several days.
Norton Insight Network last updated on September 13, 2009. (Pacific Time)

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If Norton was to implement a HIPS… With such a large whitelist… That would be great. 50mill known files.

Looks good :o

Norton has 9,649,006 know bad files, CAV’s is catching up fast.

But it does look good :slight_smile:

How bloated is this version when installed ? And does it still scatter files all over the place ? 88)

There is no bloat feeling at all. This is as light as 2009, which is the lightest Norton ever, beating 10+ year of bloatness. And it doesnt scatter anything. Cocktail, you may have experienced something added by Symantec to report your experience with the beta to their server. It is removed now with the offical release.

I’ve tested it in beta version and wasn’t so surprised, but I’ll test it again now it’s in stable version. I won’t be surprised that symantec with all it’s recources is going for position 1 again and it should with all the new and great free security products (Comodo, Windows Essentials, avira, the new avast, etc)…


NIS 2010 also has a optimization feature. It looks sorta like N360, but dont be fooled. It is just the built in- windows defrag.

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Not enough to buy it but…

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Maybe I was harsh in my choice of words. If so, I apologize.

Basically, Symantec’s plan is to make NIS into a traditional security suite + simplified application reputation checker, for people who don’t know if a app is safe enough.
BTW, i have update the numbers for the Insight Network.

Well, anyone that would like to have a free 1 year subscription can still use this site. It’s working for the 2010 versions also

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as of my posting here, the promotion ended. :-\

I have been using NIS 2010 some days and it is very good. Extremly light also. The installer took about 1min fram start sto ready product. Easy to understand the interface and the menues and you can do some tweaking. Not much, but some.

I think NIS 2010 is a good suite. But I think it is for peolpe who dont want any questions and peolpe with less data experience. I have installed it on my fathers computer as it would never ask any question just do the job for him.

But I`ll stick with comodo. I can deside everything regarding programs myself and I like that! :-TU