Norton antiVirus conflicts with Comodo ??

Hi, I’m a new kid on this block. Glad to be here.

I just unloaded Zone Alarm on an XP box after downloading the upgrade to Norton AntiVirus and learning that I could expect two days of fighting with a locked up computer if I continued without unloading ZA. When the NAV installation package said I had to unload ZA, I researched in various forums and learned that I was indeed on the edge of computer misery. One of the forums suggested Comodo. Hoorah! I’m here and nothing I have been able to find says there are conflicts between Comodo and NAV 2009. I have looked around in this forum and others that Google pointed to.

Am I correct? Is Comodo safe with NAV 2009?

If you just install the firewall part of CIS (Comodo Internet Security), you should be fine. Don’t install the AV part…

I’ve been testing Norton AV 2009 for quite some time now and it never 'caused any conflict. I must say they make a great time team: both light and offer a great protection; CIS mostly for its prevention (Defense+) and Norton for the detection.

I have Comodo AV installed, because before trying Norton, I had CIS fully installed and wasn’t going to bother uninstalling the av component. But it’s active protection is disabled.