Norton AntiBot

I managed to get a free one year licence for Norton Antibot and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on compatibility issues etc. regarding it and Comodo FP. I am running Vista Home Premium.

Seems ok for now. AntiBot is just the Norton version of BOClean if I am not mistaken.


Honestly speak I don’t trust any Symantec product but if its working fine the good for you.I never saw the need for such a program. I run Comodo 3.0 and Avira and my system has been clean for over 5 years now.

Is CFP 3.0 already that old :o :stuck_out_tongue: Time to develop a new Firewall ;D

Greetz, Red.

I have seen that article on or something like that. But I read a review from pcmag about antibot. Threatfire from pctools former cyberhawk bets antibot regarding effectiveness. You may read that review on pcmag. I used threatfire and is really a good-nonintrusive product although I noticed a slight degradation in system responsiveness. I recommend it, though I think it is not necessary if you use cpf 3 with defense +. They could conflict.

I know that 3.0 hasnt been around that long. No need for dumb comments. I was merely pointing out I have been virus and malware free for over 5 years. Before Comodo 3.0 I was using 2.4.

Hi Vettetech.

I think Rednose was trying to make an innocent joke not to insult someone. NO need to insult someone inhere. We all here are supposed to stick together rather to stand apart.


Alright let’s try to get back on the topic guys. :slight_smile:

Now regarding Norton Anti Bot… I’ve never tried it nor will i ever try it i have a cousin who uses only Symantec Products and says he stays clean. So i’m sure it works fine. But i’m just not a Symantec fan. Also what is your curent setup? And if Norton Anti Bot really is the equivalent to BOClean and is as up to date as BOClean then you shoudl eb alright i would think.

I am PRO COMODO. I would like to have all my security software under one roof. I currently run CFP V3 with defense +, and Verification Engine. I was running BoClean until I encountered problems with it and these are known problems. I then installed Threatfire from PcTools and have no complaints with it, and it also comes with an on-demand scanner. I also have PcTools AV V4 and again no complaints. Personally I stay far away from Symantec products, tried them in the past and never liked them. Consumed much resources and constantly had to re-boot do to errors or system hang-ups. Still waiting for Comodo AV V3… :■■■■

By no means I wanted to insult Vettetech :-[ It was just a little joke :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the feedback.

I ran into some problems with AntiBot. Tried installing my printer setup files from CD and it simply wouldn’t let me do it. (I have done this pre-AntiBot without any problems.) It created loads of files, and ultimately crashed my pc.
I had to format to get things normal again.

So much for Norton AntiBot. Never again, and I hope someone else learns from my mistakes.

You’re mistaken. AntiBot is the Norton version of Primary Response SafeConnect from Sana Security. I don’t know how well it works with Comodo Firewall 3.0, but I’m currently using it with Online Armor with no problems.

Thanks for informing me. Perhaps I was a bit quick off the mark to criticise AntiBot. Might give it a go again in the future. Great thing about it is that it doesn’t slow your system down at all.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Symantec does NOT include their AntiBot in their Internet Security package. This is ridiculous. They just want to financially ■■■■ you.

That is correct. It’s a separate product, about $30 I think.

yea see, thats such a joke. Their internet security suite is supposed to be an all in one type deal, and they dont include the anti bot. Such ■■■■.