norton anti virus - problem downloading updates

Taking forever to download LU for Norton Anti Virus since moving to Comodo 3 Defence+ (20 mins plus).

Have set Comodo to accept Symantec as a trusted supplier and the files LU uses as trusted files.

But… process wants the okay at every step of the way as it keeps creating new files/folder for the new definitions.

Any way to get Comodo to simply accept and learn the LU process with no input from me. It’s driving me nuts!

All help appreciated.

On the alert there should be a drop down menu next to “Treat this application as”.
Pick “Trusted Application” and no more alerts will come. This should be used for all other secuity software and programs that you use often.

Thanks, Coolio.

Will try that trick. Makes sense.

Cheers from sunny New Zealand (V)