Norton and Symantec removal tools when installing CIS

I think it would be wonderful if you guys could make tools or integrate their removal tools into CIS installation. I can’t say the number of times I uninstalled Norton 2005/2007 from a number of pcs and now I’ve been seeing alot of Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 (SEP11) and that’s 1 annoying thing to remove. But since I gave them CIS they have been happy since it makes everything run faster, smoother but also gives them the protection they want. BTW, Thank You on their behalves.

But, yea it would be so useful if when it was detected during CIS install that an uninstaller would launch that did a nice job cleaning it up since they leave all that extra crap around and since SEP11 removal tool CleanWipe is so kept hidin from people that would like to remove it.

Such an installer would have to contain a special edition of CSC, CIS itself, and maybe an auto-uninstaller thing if the special CSC won’t plainly hunt down and destroy all files and registry keys- Symantec.

Is Symantec getting SO cruel that it hides it removal tool now? Well that goes to show a guy how much more they suck. :slight_smile: (You might less understand if you don’t know about Symantec’s campaign dissing free protection software.)