Norton 360 unistall problems [Resolved]

:frowning: Hi I decided to clean up my mates computer and becuase he is not computer savy installed mbam and avira 9 on his vista os. It found 17 malware items which i quarantined, for safety reasons. I uninstalled norton 360 because it had expired and he couldn’t afford the 90 pounds to renew it and it said it had done so successfully but i did this before the virus removal and decided to do a system restore. Because i don’t use vista myself i restored to an earlier state rather than creating a new one, which was an error. The norton program is still showing in add or remove programs, when i try to uninstall it says it can’t find specified module. The windows firewall is checked to say it is working but in securtiy centre it says norton firewall is on. Could you advise me what to do and is windows firewall working. Many thanks in advance for any replies. :wink:

Have you tried this to remove Norton?

:o yes i have just read this thanks for reply the worry I am having at the moment is my friend has gone to bed and I am hoping he does not throw his norton disc in the trash, if he does can it still be uninstalled without the product key from what I have just read Norton make it difficult to uninstall any reply’s will be appreciated thanks… :slight_smile:

Programs don’t need a key to uninstall. I have never come across it nor have I read about it. Don’t worry about it. Use the removal tool and see if that does the trick for you.

Keep us posted.

If you find it difficult to remove,you should use Revo Uninstaller.That’ll completely blitz it.

The Vista Security Centre seems to still show Norton as installed even though it has been completely removed. However it shows it to be turned off.

Try the .bat file attached to this post:;msg19751#msg19751 .

:wink: just thought i would say sorry for the delay in my post but i did not need the product key to uninstall the norton 360 but their site says you need it I removed it completely no problem. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

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