Norton 360 Expiring

As of right now, I have 6 days left of my Norton 360 subscription and wanted something more customizable and friendly. So I was wondering if CIS would be able to safely secure my computer, antimalware-wise. I know the firewall is a superb piece of software and was wondering if the Anti-virus module would be able to protect me from everyday sites (news, gaming, email, etc). Can I feel safe leaving my system dependent on CIS? I was just wondering about these questions as I am looking for freeware that can do exactly the same as others.

My answer is a definite yes!
I’ve been using COMODO Firewall Pro and later CIS for about 2 years now and I haven’t had a single infection!
I agree with many that the antivirus module is not perfect yet, but keeps improving daily. Nevertheless you are covered by the protection offered by Defense+ :).
If you take the time to read the text in the “Security considerations” tab on each pop-up and act accordingly to it, it’s pretty much impossible for your PC to get infected.


I would go with cis. Ive had no infections since i installed it 2, i dont think there is a virus that can get round defence+ so its a sound choice, and when the new herustics comes out (very soon) the av will be much better!

I’m using CIS as my main line of defense.

I currently still do a weekly on-demand scan with Avira and Malwarebytes as a second (and third) opinion, but I think I’ll be dropping one of those soon as I have no complaints with CIS’s protection.

CIS beats Norton if all you want is security… And if you want something with a LOT of configurations options! =)

I never experienced any malware that bypasses D+… (CIS strongest anti malware component…)
Also a major release are about to be released that will Improve CIS’s Antivirus… =)

But if you know a thing about computers Defence+ (a component in CIS) is all you need to fight any malware…

Here is a guide of how to set D+ to VERY GOOD security… =)

The answer is yes. CIS is great.

Good luck on getting rid of your Norton. Odds are it will take several attempts.


Use this link mr raazman…
And select whatever version you used… If you don’t use this tool then Norton will leave a lot of junk on your comp… =)

Possible slowing it down…


Yes, Yes, and another yes. Defense+ is one of the best part of the CIS, it can stop almost (if not all) known and unknown malware( unless you do not click “allow” every time ;)). Antivirus is getting better with every release. So installing CIS you’ll have:

  1. One of the best firewalls
  2. Great HIPS protection
  3. Promising Antivirus

And that all for free.

Like the others, I use CIS for some time, and I’havent been infected.

Thanks a lot everyone. I guess it’s a go. I have used CFP in the past but was a bit skeptical of CIS to currently handle the whole system. Another question, is 3.9 beta fine to install on a production machine, or should I stick with 3.8?

Monkey_Boy, thanks a lot for the tip.

I have in the past used Betas on my main computer, however I would not recommend it. Chances are you might encounter a few bugs. I eventually ended up re-installing the stable version, and just reading the threads in the beta corner to see what the beta’s like.

The beta is very stable for me… and seems stable to most folks… But officially you should not use it on a production machine, BSOD, computer lockings and similar stuff MIGHT occur.

I would recommend you to wait. Since there is some hassle usually involved with BETA testing… Once a new beta is released then you will probably have to uninstall the current beta manually… to install next beta…

And when the final version of 3.9 gets out you will probably have to do an other reinstall, as no updates gets released to betas usually… (even if it seems like the AV will be kept up to date…)

But if you have important stuff on your computer then I would say, don’t install the beta, 3.8 will protect you well. Or at least backup important stuff up on a disk or something. (a disk that you hide well so no thieves comes stealing all your work! =D)
But a interesting thing is, the BETA bug report forum is kinda quiet so maby its really more stable than 3.8…