Norton 2009 will be the best ???

NP. I’m doing it right now ;D

Be back later :slight_smile:

Here’s what i found out - the install is very quick !!! Less than 2 minutes. The updates are fast, the resourse usage is low (7 megs according to task manager). The program runs 2 processes. The overall install size is about 120 mb :slight_smile: After the installation Norton doesn’t require to restart the PC (something like ESET) :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t allow me to do a scan ;D It says - before continuing read our user agreement - If I click Yes to read it - it doesn’t show anything and the scan doesn’t start ;D

P.S. Constant nagging to activate (even a beta version) is very annoying >:(
The interface is quite nice - the black color was changed with violet, transparency, reflections - the presentation is quite good.
P.S.P.S. But it’s still ■■■■ !!! ;D It’s a beta I know, but…the installation creates 5 folders ! - 2 in the Program Files and 3 in Program Data. !!! It’s seems it creates a folder for a tray icon ! :smiley: Norton let me delete the files in Program Data folder, Norton let me terminate the processes via Task Manager ! >:( :smiley:
I can’t uninstall Norton out of my test PC using REVO after I manually deleted some of its files in Program Data folder while testing it’s ability to defend it self ;D

When ever I install NOD32 it does not require a reboot Comm. Maybe NOD32 2.7 did but not 3.0.

After the installation Norton doesn’t require to restart the PC (something like ESET)

That’s what I said ;D

Comparison between Norton and my nLited XP…

My nLited XP installation took less than 10 minutes, Norton less than 2 minutes.
The size of the ISO was around 130 MB, and it’s 120 MB for Norton.
My nLited XP speeds up the PC, Norton slows it down.
My nLited XP removed useless things, Norton adds useless things.

On a more serious note, I won’t even download and test it.


what a load of marketting rubbish…evaluate something worth while.

Try DriveSentry 3.1 - something fresh with a new approach. Aging technologies are so last season! Support the smaller companies with the BEST ideas. (:CLP). And DriveSentry 3.1 is now FREE. how can you complain.

Norton–the guest that will never leave your home. Same old same old for Dr. Nort.



Yah, definitely. It’s only taken about 5+ years for the yellow plague company to recognize that their app is a bloated piece of junk - and it will only take about another 5 years to rewrite their POS from scratch… :BNC (:CLP)

What really slow windows down? ;D

I guess we have to wait for an update :a0

This is only the first beta off Norton 2009 88)

I’m not bothered to download & test it either. I can’t be bothered setting up a VP right now… I am really lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded and tested it. It installs in 2-3 minutes. It is very light on resources. For you to see how light it is, I am testing it on a VM along side with Eset NOD32 + CFP + CMF + Spybot S&D + Trend Micro RUBotted + Haute Secure and the system loads and works fast. The VM is set to 800MB.

But, only 14 days of testing.

For me the boot was about 10 seconds slower than with Kaspersky 2009 :-X

Well, kaspersky 2009 only gave me BSOD. So, if I had to stick with one, I would go for Norton. :wink:

Norton is improving…

It’s good they are going for speed now. But will their protection drop? Hmmmm…

Thank-You! and also a thank-you to the rest of you guys who are providing valuable feedback about Norton 2009. I am an official tester for Norton 2009. I have confirmed that Norton can be killed without admin privileges and I can confirm that the folders are deletable. I have forwarded this information to the Beta Test Coordinator who forwards the information to the developers! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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So a lot of people thinks that they did managed to pull it off :slight_smile: I wonder what will be the answer of other AV companys ;D

We can close this thread now because there is already another thread and NIS 2009 is released.