Norton 2009 will be the best ???,2817,2308131,00.asp

People, need your opinion on this ;D

its a clever marketing.

They are trying to turn a “negative” associated with Norton “slowness” into a selling point by comparing their new version with their old version and claiming it to be fast.

Welldone to Norton marketing team, lets see if they can pull it off…


Not optimistic about this. Symantec only officially started listening to their users again very recently, might have been too late for Norton 2009. ;D

I don’t believe it too :slight_smile: But why are they screaming so loudly ? If they fail, people will be furious and will never choose Norton again ;D

because they got nothing to lose. Their brand is already associated with “slowness” imo. So at least they are taking a stab at improving that brand image.


Nothing to loose ? Norton is the most popular Antivirus in the world right ? 88) Well I think if they screw up (again), this stab will make them bleed a lot ;D

I think in any case they now say that their previous software was a piece of junk.

Dinner (:LGH) !! (pizza ;D)

Going now :smiley:


Come on, Norton have already got a stab in the back, with their “slowness”, Even Norton 360 is a pain in the ass.

There FORUM is still in beta, There development is like Zonealarm, SLOW.


*cough no way in hell *cough

*cough bullsht *cough

*cough I’ve got a bad cough cause Norton slowed down my pc like crazy *cough

… They’ve got a long way to go to get to “the best”

I will never understand why it seems like larger companies make poor products. It’s not reasonable; they have all the money in the world to program something extraordinary… this is my view on companies like Symantec, and not to mention, the most incongruous of them all: M$…

So, if this pattern continues:

Norton 2009 will be the best?
  • NO!


I agree. It’s very sad to see that such companies with great potential have been bought by Symantec only to be laid to rest with no future development. It seems that all Symantec is doing is packing and packing more clothes into the cubboard without folding them, I hope that they change their ways in the near future.
Just my thoughts on the topic

I don’t know, I guess we shouldn’t just think it’s impossible for them to vastly improve their apps. It’s possible, sure. But for the past few years, everything they’ve put out has gotten worse and worse. And thinking they can put out a new AV and have it overtake the great ones like Avira, Nod32, and Kaspersky is just kinda dumb, and they seem to be setting themselves up to fail.

I didn’t read all of that article linked to in the OP, but I assume they want to be the best out there.

Symantec has had a great market share regardless of the fact that their products are resource hogs. And now with this new PR saying that the new 2009 products will take a minute or less to install, and be resource lite will make many people consider upgrading and switching to it. As Melih said, it won’t hurt them they have nothing to lose! If it turns out that the 2009 products are still resource hogs, they may lose some market share, but will still be huge.

I’ve never seen a company use their current and previous products as a selling point for a future product, it’s a unique idea to me, but the way they have approached it, seems like it may just work. However, if it does or doesn’t, only time will tell.

Norton and Mcafee are over used peices of junk. The situation is someone buys a computer and has Norton Slow My Computer Down Pro and Mcafee Kill My Computer Fast Pro and they think they are protected.

Most of the time they keep there Norton or Mcafee without any Firewall protection (other than windows) and deal with tons of computer problems and run over to Geek Squad to fix them.

Its so sad.

You can get the BEST firewall out right now for Free (Comodo) and get another one of the TOP ANTIVIRUS (with Kaspersky and Bitdefender) with a 6 month free trial.

Let’s be fair (at least from my point of view): I do believe Norton has decent AV protection, and they are - from what I’ve heard - not as heavy on resources as they used to be (although still “heavy”? I don’t know). But still, and this is also fair, their firewall leak as a colander (according to Matousec), which is one of the reasons why I have no trust in Symantec.


BTW and !ot! McAfees separate technology preview scores: (99.2%) according to AV-comparatives released on February 2008 in On-demand comparative, which is huge improvement from stable version which scored (94,9%) in the same test. !ot! ends here.

At least Symantec understands the problem of Norton being a resourse hog. That’s a good start. If they listen and make their products smaller, lighter, with better detection, an unistaller that works, there’s a chance that Norton will be great again :slight_smile:

But they need to gain users trust back and that trust vastly decreased from 2003-04

I somehow believe Symantec just adding more and more code in Norton series yearly on already bloated and archaic code
Is this gonna change on V.2009, I really don’t know

Norton 2009 beta is available for download ;D Test it people !

Thanks mate. Will do.