Normal Backup time

I have a new hp desktop with W7 home. I am trying to use comodo backup. The program has been running for 3 hours and still says 14 hours to go. The blue bar has moved only a short distance, 3/8th inch. Is this normal for a new first time backup?

It depends on your Internet (upload) speed.
Indeed, for me, it took very long at the first time.

Tech: thanks for your fast reply. I’m sorry I forgot to mention that I am backing up to an external hard drive. It has now been 4 hours with still showing 14 hours to go. The blue progress line is now 3/4 th of an inch. I guess I’ll let it run all night to see if it finishes. I assume that I should then set it up for incremental backups.

Do you connect that drive using USB? It could make the access slower, but I think two conditions are priority: 1) Internet upload speed, 2) Comodo Backup software performance.

The compression factor can also have a huge influence on backup times. Maximum compression does a great job of compressing the archive size, but it does impose a large overhead in terms of time.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you to all. I completed the backup which took 21 hours. Now I am trying to set Comodo Backup to a scheduled backup. I want to use an incremental setting but I cannot find a way to do that. I can set a day and time but no way to select the methods.



What version of Comodo BackUp are you using?

I have Comodo backup 2.2

Incremental and differential will be introduced in next release (3.0).
You can try the BETA4 version here: